Public Sale Information:

Private Sale

Minimum contribution: 0.1

Maximum contribution: 1 BNB

Rate: 1,335,500 MGMOON/BNB


Our took place on Pinksale on February 16th .

Link: MegaMoon Presale on PinkSale

Soft cap: 150 BNB

Hard cap: 300 BNB

Min contribution: 0.1 BNB

Max contribution: 2.5 BNB

 Audit & KYC

Audit Link: MegaMoon Token Audit Report - By ContractChecker.pdf at main · ContractChecker/audits · GitHub

The KYC is done in conjunction with Pinksale, as you can see on our presale link here.

Staking idea

Staking provides the best reward for token holders


Our staking is designed to take over the reflection system and exclude the wallets that sold and have just a residual amount of tokens or traders that are not interested in the project. From the start we have assigned 8% of the total supply for staking rewards which will provide enough MegaMoon tokens for a good while at massive APY. The sell tax also provides additional tokens into this pool to ensure continuation. By having a staking rewards pool the problem regarding the reflections/rewards for long term holders is then solved as this pool is not affected by the volume fluctuation. On top of that, mid and late investors receive the same rates of APY as everyone else.


Staking Rewards

The staking pool rewards is the best option to maximize investors returns. Investors are receiving massive APY for their staked tokens, this incentivizing them to buy and hold MegaMoon. By doing so, we are ensuring we have a community of diamond holders and this will help greatly reduce the sell pressure.

Token Allocation

Understand the token distribution

Token allocation

  2% Team tokens - Locked
  4% Private Sale - Distributed before presale
  6% Burned 
  2% Partnerships & Influencers
  8% Initial staking rewards - In staking pool since launch
  5% Exchange Listings - Locked
  5% Cross network bridges - Locked
  5% Reserve - Locked for 1 year
37% Public Presale - Link here
26% Liquidity - Locked for 1 year

(you can check the locks by clicking on the "Locked" word)